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Business Branding Tip

Better Business Branding brings Better ROI

Your company is more than just its logo, products, and
operations.  It’s a full-fledged experience.Are you attracting all the potential prospects that see you?Here are some innovative ways to use business signage to
help your company grow.

Business Sign Lighting.  Is it worth it, or not?  

To upgrade your sign,  channel letters or Halo lit sign letters would
effectively help you attract the attention of passer-bys.  Halo lighting is
especially useful if a lot of people drive by your business late at night when
it’s dark.  These will enable people who are far away to read your message on
your customer-facing facade.
You can also differentiate yourself from other businesses in the
city by installing an “electronic reader board”
that allows you to go into greater detail about your advertising.  You can significantly
set yourself apart from other businesses in the area by installing an ERB, allowing you to go into greater detail about the services,
goods, or specials you have.

Word Selection is Paramount. 

When making your signs, be careful of your phrasing.  Say
exactly what your item’s or administration’s message is. Avoid cramming too
much information into a single sign so the viewer might become confused and not
know where to start looking.
Make sure the phrasing is
precise and that each word has an effect.
You can start by using an appealing function and then adding
some text to explain the statement.  If space allows, provide a call-to-action
for the reader, such as “learn more” or “give us a call.”
If you’re using large boards to attract customers, keep in
mind that they only have three seconds to read and comprehend your message.  Remembering this will help you keep your message brief, sweet, and to the

Maintain a Minimalist Approach.

When it comes to designing a sign for your company, it’s
best to keep it simple.  Make an effort to focus on only the most important
information that you need to convey to the audience.
For example, you can use a void area – that is, the area
that isn’t hidden by any text or pictures – to draw attention to what you want
the audience to look at. To increase the sign’s value, consider leaving less
than half of the sign blank.
Making minimal designs, with striking fonts and sufficient
blank areas, is on-trend right now, in addition to expanding meaningfulness.

We highlight another brand image from an Infinity Signs customer -CED Greentech

Infinity Signs recently completed a
project that they were very excited about.  They received a request from Cody Dawson, owner of CED GREENTECH, a local solar supplier in Idaho.  He wanted a noticeable solution to get their brand out and visible from their building on Franklin Rd., Infinity had the perfect idea.

 CED was patient enough to wait for nice weather and Infinity transformed CED’s front facade into a billboard with large 1” thick dimensional lettering at a great price point!

Cody couldn’t have been more pleased
with the results!

Infinity’s lead designer Tom (seen up close and personal in below photo!) worked with Cody on design space and selection gaining Cody’s approval in no time.  CED’s Brand Image, with their new large logo and sign letters, really stand out back from the main road, making them more noticeable than ever.

Putting our training, equipment, and
support to good use, Infinity got the lettering installed perfectly!  Cody cannot be happier
with his new letters and will be sure to use Infinity Signs again for more brand recognition in the future.

Andy’s Idaho

Springtime in Idaho is a great time for shore trout fishing!

The ice
is melting off, the weather is warming up, the trout are moving in close to
shore for spawning season, hungry and ready to eat after that long winter.  Additionally, Idaho Fish and Game is busy
stocking many small lakes and ponds they call family fishing waters, across the
state with “catchable sized trout”, these generally are 10-12 inches long.  Maybe you want to go after those larger
native and holdover trout 2-4 pounds or just looking for some fun catching
close to home with the kids, there are plenty of options.  Since there are many places to go close
to home, it can also be a good balance between some quick fun time getting
outdoors and then getting back home to get some of that spring cleaning and
yard work done on the weekends.    Although
trout can be caught with just about any sort of bait or lures this time of
year, the most successful and easiest way to put some trout in the cooler is
called a slip sinker rig, with floating bait, see below.

 Bait is
usually a small power bait floating egg or marshmallows with small worms using
a small hook so the bait floats up off the bottom a foot or so.    If you are new to the area and looking for
places to go, check out,
https://idfg.idaho.gov/fish/family-fishing-waters, for some idea’s to get out for a
few hours and putting some fresh fish in the cooler. 

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