How does lemonade and signage help customer attraction?

As we slowly (or shall we say “bolt like we are breaking out of jail) emerge from one of the most disruptive marketplace events in recent history, it’s time to get back to business! And for many businesses this has been a great time to reevaluate how we do business, how we position against competition, and how our business can regain momentum and/or capitalize on new opportunity.

In a phrase, this is a great time to take a fresh look at your brand!

But what defines a “brand” in the first place? We answer that question in this month’s issue…and more!

Click into this month’s topics including:

  1. Want more customers this summer??
  2. An established business gets a brand facelift
  3. In the “Andy’s Idaho segment this month, Andy invites the crew of the USS IDAHO Submarine to Idaho.

Is your business taking advantage of the season?

Summer Heat has settled in and maybe there are some “extra” little things you could do to attract some regular foot traffic into your business.

What are some things people may appreciate in this sweltering heat with almost every day at 100 or more recently?

·      Some ice cold lemonade, tea or water during those real hot days is very inviting and people may stay in your store longer.

·      Offer a special sale or discount during the hottest part of the afternoon.  A beat the heat discount time slot inside your cool space.

·      Maybe it is time for an open house event to show some things off during mid-afternoon to invite people inside.

An Established Business Gets a Fresh Look

Infinity Signs recently received a request from a repeat customer, Edible Arrangements, a fresh fruit arrangement delivery service located in Meridian, Idaho.  They needed to update their existing store front with the new recently updated corporate brand and needed it all completed by June 30th.   Julian Aberasturi, owner of Edible Arrangements requested some new back lit channel letters installed on the building face where existing sign was on a raceway.

 Julian worked with us on this project with a few different options, incorporating Edible Arrangements new logo and natural colors for a clean and contemporary look when completed for their new brand image.

 During this process, although his desire was to utilize his current raceway, a new raceway was really the best option for a clean professional look.   Although this required some wall stucco painting as part of the project to complete the project, Infinity took care of that for Julian as well. 

Julian and his staff are very happy with his locations brand new look, especially how it’s an exact match to his van we recently updated with new graphics.

Thanks Julian!!

Andy's Idaho

The past year I have had the great honor of involvement with an awesome group of people in a Non-Profit effort, The USS Idaho Commissioning Foundation.     This effort started off with a small group of people in late 2019 shortly after news of the new USS Idaho Submarine was announced.   Although COVID did put a damper on some of our efforts, we charged forward and made tremendous progress towards our mission and vision.  

We hit a great milestone for this multi-year effort in July with the first crew visit of the new USS Idaho SSN799 to our great state.  It was a true homerun event with the crew landing in Boise afternoon of June 30th, spending time in Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and a few stops in between and departing July 7th.  This is the first new US Navy ship named for our state in over 100 years since the Battleship USS Idaho BB42 in 1919.  It is a very special, high tech vessel with many historic ties to out state and it will be known as "Gem of the Fleet" in recognition of Idaho's wealth of mineral and gemstone history.    Our future efforts and plans during the next two years until commissioning in summer 2023 will get this new submarine looking like Idaho and establishing a college scholarship fund for the crew for the life of this vessel.  If you want to get regular updates for the once in a lifetime opportunity for upcoming crew visits, local events, register to receive our newsletter on the website.