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Tips for December to Make 2022 Epic

Yes, the New Year is right around the corner. For your business, that means
now is the perfect time to get ready for 2022—and, if you’re not doing these
things already, 

put time in your calendar to
address these tips and ensure you are raking in the profits in the New Year!

is important for every business, and few times throughout the year are better
than December to put in some planning time.  Before 2022 hits, take a
fresh look at the following areas:

Buff Up
The Budget—Did you have a budget in
place for 2021? If so, this would be a great time to assess your total
income and expense performance to equip accuracy and focus in 2022 goals.
If not, now is a good time to start that process!

Your budget should include your monthly revenues and
expenses, while projecting profitability.  Remember: the key indicator for
the health of your business is not how much money you generate – but how much
money you retain for personal salary, future investment, and growth.

Stock Your Shelves—Starting
the New Year with an accurate accounting of your inventory and business
supplies will eliminate urgent spending and missing on end of year deals.The
actual number might be different than what you believe.  Double-check your
inventory now, so you don’t run into any problems as you start 2022.

Clean Out The Closet—Clutter
and lack of organization can hamper a fresh, vibrant start for the New
Year.  Clean up, store, and purge old or unnecessary files- both digital
and paper.  Go through desks, shelves, closets and those corners that
accumulate “stuff” and pitch what you don’t need or don’t use.
It’s refreshing and makes room for efficiency.

Tune Up For Taxes
December is a great time to roll up and assess your 2021
so you aren’t sweating deadlines in the New Year.  Going
through income and tax advantages at the end of this year will help you be
smarter about spending and allocations in the New Year.

Don’t forget to consider
tax implications for items like the personal money you invested to get
started or support lags in cash flow, education courses you might have
attended,  and payments to contractors, marketing, etc.

in with your CPA to make sure you are taking
advantage of all potential deductions, amortization, and deferments that small
businesses are eligible for.  According to Entrepreneur magazine, it’s usually a lack of awareness
that leads to missed opportunities.

Finally, Focus and Energize For
The end of the year may feel like the finish line, but it’s really a new
beginning! Now is the time to get fired up and energized for the New
Year!  Consider throwing a party to celebrate your 20212 successes,
taking some well-deserved holiday vacation time, give yourself a bonus…and of
course celebrate with those that contributed to your success and
steadfastness in what may have been a challenging year.  

Reflect back on 2021. What
are you proud of?  What accomplishments fell short that you want
to roll into new focus for 2022? Create new benchmarks and dream big!
New goals will position your small business for success.

The end of a year is a
time to spend with friends and family during the holidays, but it’s also a
prime opportunity to prepare your small business for success ahead.  Use
these ideas to keep your organization moving to new horizons in the New

We highlight another brand image from an Infinity Signs customer -Mikes Custom Painting

Infinity Signs recently completed a
project that they were very excited about.  They received a request from Mike Mayers, owner and COO for Mikes Custom Painting in Idaho.  Mike wanted a simple solution to get his brand out on the road, Infinity had the perfect idea.

With a quick design and proof approval, Infinity transformed Mike’s van into a mobile billboard at a fraction of the price!

Mike couldn’t have been more pleased
with the results!

designed a logo for a clean and contemporary look all
while maintaining his brand image.

Putting our training, equipment, and
support to good use, Infinity got the entire order produced and installed to
code on time!  Mike cannot be happier
with his new van and will be sure to use Infinity Signs again for more
signage in the future.

Andy’s Idaho

It’s Christmas tree season and Andy shares some tips & tricks about how harvest your own this year.

You’ve decided to cut your own Christmas tree this year, now
the fun really begins. Here are few things to keep in mind to make it an
enjoyable experience and something you will want to do again next year.

What to

You want your tree to look nice once it is standing in your
house, so a few things besides that nice small hand saw will help. Make
sure to take a nice tarp, some rope and bungee cords to help pack and
pull that tree out of the woods once you have it cut down.    A tarp size around 6’ wide x 8’-10’ long
with grommets works best for most tree’s about 7’ tall.   Rolling that nice tree up inside of the tarp
from top to bottom using the rope and bungee cords to pack the tree branches
together nice and tight will keep your tree and all the needles in nice shape
while you transport it out of the woods and tie it to your vehicle or put in
back of your truck back to town.    Don’t
forget about yourself and bring a nice backpack with some snacks to enjoy the
hike, look around and take your time to find just the right tree.         

*Always plan ahead and be aware
of the weather to take appropriate safety gear on your mountain hike.                     


most people in the Boise area, heading up to Idaho City stopping at the Boise
National Forest Service office to get a permit and map of where you can go to
cut your tree is common, but there are other Forest or BLM offices across the
state you can buy a Christmas tree permit at to cut tree’s in those areas.  You can get your permit online at: 


If you want to get
your Boise National Forest Christmas tree permit before you head up into the
mountain, there is one location in the valley you can buy it at:

East Cleveland Beverage (208) 459-6442 2518 E Cleveland
/ Caldwell, ID 83605

Open: Everyday, 6 a.m. – 10
p.m.     permits cost $10 per tree.

Where to go:   The
Forest service will provide map area’s on where to go cut a tree. When you get
to these area’s, hiking in along streams and forest service roads, look for
flatter area’s to find that nice shaped Christmas tree.   If you have access to a 4-wheeler or
snowmobile those will expand the areas for you to find a tree.

Caring for your
tree:   Since you cut your own tree
your already ahead of those who bought it at a Christmas tree stand, you know
when your tree was cut and how fresh it is. 
When you get it hope, before putting into a stand that will hold water,
you will want to give it a nice flat fresh cut, at least a half inch or
so.   This will give it a fresh new cut
to start easing drawing water up into it’s branches so it stays nice and fresh
until Christmas.  Make sure to always
keep water in the stand, fresh trees drink lots of water.

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