Business Branding Tip

Don't Fall into the Valuable Asset Trap!

Are you putting extra stress on employees due to lack of staffing?

We all see it everywhere, new hours, business locations closed due to lack of staffing, empty shelves, or super long lead times for just about anything you might want to buy.

As Business Owners, we al know that results in less sales, less profit which naturally drives the desire to maintain those sales and profits and plan for growth. So yes, its is stressful times for business owners, but keeping that most important asset in mind during this time, is to value your employees you do have and who are working hard.  

It’s best not to fall into the trap of asking for more and more overtime or sometimes companies even place some sort of mandatory overtime in place. That may help show some better numbers for a few weeks, but then people will start getting tired of that. Who knows what they might do or where else they might start looking for employment at or maybe your customer service levels fall off from normal? Be innovative elsewhere is much better that trying to just keep getting more hours of the employees you do have, maybe shorten your open hours or # of days also.   Those numbers won’t stay high for long with more and more overtime.

Lastly, we can all keep the above in mind when we are out shopping and buying things ourselves. Take a few seconds and give some thanks to those people out there who are working and helping you out. We are sure they will appreciate that.

We highlight another brand image from an Infinity Signs customer -

Idaho First Bank

Infinity Signs recently completed a project that they were very excited about.  They received a request from Dave Dickey, senior vice president and area market leader for Idaho First Bank in Ada County.  Dave needed a frosted barrier between the several glass walls between his offices, Infinity had the perfect solution.

Infinity transformed the plain glass at Idaho First Bank to frosted glass, capturing the look of cut or texturized glass to an astonishing degree at a fraction of the price. 

Dave couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!

 Infinity’s designers incorporated Idaho First Banks current logo for a clean and contemporary look all while maintaining their brand image.

Putting our training, equipment, and support to good use, Infinity got the entire order produced and installed to code on time!  Dave cannot be happier with his new privacy windows and will be sure to use Infinity Signs again for more signage in the future.

Andy's Idaho

It’s that time of year, Hunting Season and we live in Idaho, a great state for that and those people who enjoy experiencing that and enjoy putting some great tasting true organic meat on the table. extra safety  when driving around Idaho during October, November, December and January.

This is the time of year when vehicle wild game accidents are at their highest levels. Due to being in the “RUT” male deer are running all over and traveling around almost all day and night in search of female deer. Just when we think the “RUT” is about over and completely behind us, we also must keep in mind this is the migration time of year in Idaho for our great deer and elk herds. All of this just adds up to more and more deer and elk crossing more and more roads during these few months of the year. So, share that safety tip with all you know and let’s try to keep those vehicle animal collisions as low as possible. Slow down and keep your eyes open for those animals close to the roads.