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Business Branding Tip

Perceptions from a Pro-active vs Re-active Business

Offense or Defense??

Basic attitudes and behaviors within a business culture can really help solidify customers perception of that business and help them gain more referrals.

Are your customers calling to check on the status of their order with questions to ask if it is ready, is the install or repair date still on schedule??

Or do you and your employees call them to give them status ahead of time, like letting them know a day ahead of time, their order will be ready tomorrow for a pick up or call ahead to make sure time slot is still good to stop by for access to do a repair??

If you are doing the latter, good things will come from that process.  Customer will have more confidence in you business and more likely to refer that business to friends and family where they find that sort of pro-active response from a business.

When a business is thinking about the customers needs and beating them
to their questions and eliminating uncertainty, they
are playing offense. When a small business is playing defense, they wait
for customers to complain or communicate their concern before
addressing the customer’s experience. As we know, points are scored
(usually) from the offense. Score more points with your
customers by being proactive and thinking through their eyes!

We highlight another brand image from an Infinity Signs customer -Jumpin’ Janets Goodtime Pub

Earlier this summer Janet, who owns Jumpin Janet’s Goodtime
Pub on Vista came in for a new sign to replace one she got from us many years
ago that was damaged in one of those Idaho spring thunderstorms.  We made a new sign panel for her, and it
turned out to be convenient for Andy to drop it off at her business on his way
to meet someone else.   During this stop
and short visit to help her get that sign panel installed on her wood a frame,
Andy noticed some an opportunity for better brand visibility.

On the south side of her building, there is this awesome
looking large painted wall mural with a beautiful frog and butterfly
scene.    People are always stopping to
park on the street to take pictures of it since it is so eye catching.   But no one looking at that mural would have
any idea what was on the other side of that wall.  Andy suggested she should put a nice sign on
the corner to have more visibility for her brand for those people who stop
along with the northbound traffic view from Vista.    Janet liked this sign so much after it was
installed and although she has a nice sign on her entrance, she wanted another
one to face west right out from to face the main road.   With those two additional signs, her brand
is now so much more visible to anyone coming from any direction.

Go see Janet on Vista!!  She’s back open for Sunday Breakfast from 10am-1pm.

Andy’s Idaho

The mornings are getting cool again and it’s almost
fall.    With the falls season in Idaho,
we know lots of people are focused on all the great hunting seasons and
opportunities Idaho has to offer, but don’t forget about another great outdoor
bounty Idaho has to offer.


great thing about Idaho hot springs, is there are literally hundreds of them
spread across the state.  Along with that
nice reality, there is a wide variety of them, from fully developed hot springs
with easy access right off the pavement, with parking lodging, food, and other
amenities to those ones you need to put the backpack on and plan for an all-day
hike into them or plan and stay overnight.
Along with those kinds, all sorts of in between hot springs from remote
hot springs that are privately owned with more rustic experiences and some that
are only a short walk in from road to maybe a mile or two walk in.    So, if you are thinking of summer ending
and other things to do, don’t forget about this great hot spring’s bounty Idaho
has to offer.

might want to check out The Springs in Idaho City, Lava Hot springs in SE Idaho
or take a drive into Burgdorf hot springs north of McCall.   Or maybe you’re looking to just get out of
the car for an easy soak, check out Trail Creek Hot Springs on the road from Cascade
to Warm Lake or Kirkham Hot Springs just north of Lowman.    Oh, and yes, there are plenty of the hike
in hot springs from short to long hikes.
But my friends and family wouldn’t have kind words for me if I named
those.  For me those are the real “GEMS”
within the Gem state when it comes to hot springs.

part of the adventure, go out and research those and find some real special
places to explore and relax in.

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