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acrylic sign

We have all heard that positive thinking mantra: Sometimes you just have to figure out how to turn lemons into lemonade!

As we all find our way out of quarantine and reconcile all the changes in our lifestyle and marketplace, each of us is facing the question, “Where do we go from here?” And the smartest among us are answering that question with, “Let’s make lemonade!”

At Infinity Signs we are helping our customers find innovative solutions that turn an expense into an opportunity and new ROI! Here is just one example.

We believe that the “virus shields” we are seeing in retail businesses are here to stay. New expense? Probably. Opportunity for a new income stream? At Infinity Signs we say, “Definitely!”

We are now helping customers turn those virus shields into an additional sales person buy designing an attractive product or service promotional messages to affix in the view of customers. We can also offer a “subscription model” that provides a monthly or bi-weekly rotation or trade out of messages, keeping your promotional strategy timely and relevant.

Where might you turn lemons into lemonade in your business? Give us a call and we’d love to brainstorm with you!


The signage throughout your building says a lot about the type of company you are. It’s important to keep that look current and accurate as it represents you to both employees and customers. The signs in your office add character, reflect your business style, and generate a professional look for the company. This is also a great opportunity to make sure that your branding is consistent from outdoor signage, to banners, to employee shirts, and to interior signage. Consider making even a small investment in a few signs for the bare walls inside your business, you’ll be shocked with the impact they will make.

There are many different types of interior signs, but dimensional letter signs are the ones most people picture when they think interior signage. Typically these signs are large lobby or reception area signs. It’s the first thing everyone sees who walks into your facility. It tells them they’ve arrived, imprints your business name and logo into their minds, and reflects your character as sophisticated, whimsical, or classic.

Beyond dimensional signs there is a whole world of interior sign options. One that has become increasingly popular is the use of wall and window graphics. These vinyl graphics are the perfect way to fill a large space, for very little money. They can be graphic or text and they’re easily replaced as the needs of the business change.

Plaques are another option. They can be used for anything from naming various conference rooms, to naming the employee of the month. They can come in virtually any type of material, size, or color. Generally, they’re not very expensive, but can be very effective at boosting employee morale in addition to providing useful information.

There is of course some signage that is required for the interior of your building. ADA signs need to be placed near elevators, restrooms and parking areas at the very least. Not only are they required by law, they also help to promote an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive. Infinity Signs, NW has years of experience helping businesses stay within ADA guidelines to maintain full compliance, we can assist you as needed with this. Another generally required type of signs are directional signs. You don’t want visitors ending up in restricted areas or new employees unable to find the lunchroom. Some well-placed signs can ease navigation for everyone in the building.

Infinity Signs, NW can help you look at the big picture of your building’s interior signage needs. Let us help you determine how you can integrate many of the above listed sign options to create a stunning, and effective sign situation.


acrylic signs

Acrylic signs have a classy, stylish look that can really set them apart from other signage. In recent years they’ve grown increasingly popular as businesses have discovered a greater variety of ways to use them. Think outside the box for how your business might best take advantage of this unique sign material, and you’ll really reap the benefits.

Why use Acrylic?

Acrylic is more durable than glass and less expensive, while still maintaining the visually transparent look. It’s made from a cast polymer material that looks and feels exactly like glass, but at a fraction of the weight. It keeps the colorless transparent appearance, just like glass and in general it makes more sense. If an acrylic sign gets bumped by a passing cart or piece of equipment, it’s not going to break into a thousand pieces and make a giant mess.

The Many Looks of Acrylic

There are countless different ways to create an acrylic sign. It’s fully customizable to allow every business to create their own unique look. Here are just a few great options:

Color – acrylic gives you the freedom to use your own custom colors to create the perfect match with your logo and other signage. You can add color to both the front and back of the sign for a stimulating visual effect.

Borders – adding a thin outside border to the edges of your sign can be very useful for directional signs. People will be drawn to the outline and then their attention will immediately go to the text in the middle. If your building requires multiple directional signs, a border is highly recommended.

3D – there are several ways to get the 3 dimensional effect. Stand-offs create a literal 3-dimensional sign by moving it off the wall a bit, while adding a solid background color creates figurative 3D look. The color behind the sign makes it appear to be thicker. If your sign is going to be in a busy area, it might be best to print your entire design on the back of the acrylic to avoid the potential for someone to scratch it.

Finish – if your facility uses lots of bright fluorescent lights which create a glare, simply add a non-glare finish to your acrylic signs. This finish will absorb the light rather than reflecting it, which makes it easier to read and more visually appealing. Acrylic can also be painted so faded graphics can quickly and easily be brought back to life.

Frost – one common option is the frosted glass look. Acrylic offers the same appearance by using frosted acrylic instead of glass. So if you’ve got your heart set on frosted, acrylic’s got you covered.

Lights – another way to customize your acrylic sign is by adding LED lights to the background. This will be sure to catch people’s attention and is particularly eye-catching after dark.

Size – your acrylic sign can come in virtually any size. Once your design is complete, but before your sign is ready for installation, we can cut it down to whatever size you prefer. You can make it exactly the size needed to fit your space.

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